Introducing FREE Solar Proposals

As an expansion to our environmentally sound and sustainable initiatives, TBI recently partnered with an international solar platform that is on a mission to accelerate renewable energy worldwide. We are excited and proud to announce that our team here at TBI is responsible for our platform's first local partnership here in the Sea To Sky and lower mainland.

Our mission with this partnership is to help homeowners become educated on the benefits of solar. By presenting you with a no obligation, free proposal we can help educate you so that you can make an informed decision on how your home will use, and produce energy in the coming decades. Solar is no longer just an environmental conversation.  With the cost of solar drastically decreasing in the past 5 years and hydro costs simultaneously rising, it's also an economic conversation, as well as a conversation about decentralization and independence. 


  • Own your energy instead of just "renting" it
  • Protect your family from rising hydro costs
  • Increase the value of your home
  • No PST
  • Net Metering

Energy Ownership

Here's a new concept. For the first time in our life time, solar provides the option to own your energy, and collectively empowers us to decentralize the existing, controlled and monopolized, energy power plants. The concept of purchasing, or financing a solar system vs continuing to rent your energy from BC Hydro is comparable to purchasing vs renting your home.

The Alternative -  BC Hydro Forever

BC Hydro's predicted debt seems to vary significantly report to report, but there is no arguing that whatever the exact number is, they are BILLIONS of dollars in debt, their infrastructure needs updating, and to top it off glaciers, which feed much of our hydro-electric here in BC, are melting and disappearing. With facts like this there is no question we will see significant rising hydro rates in the coming years. By going solar now you can lock in your rate (less than the current Stage 2 cost of hydro) for the next 10-15 years, and then have FREE ENERGY for the following 15-30 years.

Solar panels on your roof are an asset

Some people continue to argue the appearance of solar panels, but when homeowners realize how much money they can save over the long term, or the value they can bring to their home, they suddenly seem to become a lot more sexy. In more mature solar markets it is a known fact that solar on a home increases it's value automatically but 10-30%, and there is no reason to believe we won't see the same valuations become a reality here.

Tax Savings

Homeowners in BC pay 7% PST on BC Hydro. Homeowners do not pay 7% PST on solar installation. This is a significant savings over the next 3-5 decades.

Net Metering - Seasonal climate Solution  

Most people think that the west coast of BC gets too much rain for solar panels to make sense. Net metering proves this assumption wrong and is a program that every BC homeowner deserves to know about and understand.  Net metering is the perfect solution for going solar in our ever changing and diverse, coastal mountain weather.