Conservative. Efficient. Precise.

Ideal for your cedar hedges, trees, veggie & flower gardens


  • Allowed during water restrictions
  • Low volume, efficient, water-conserving
  • Most suitable method to use from captured rainwater*
  • Systems are pressure regulated and operate at lower pressures, therefore using less water while getting the job done
  • Installation and maintenance costs are typically much lower than for that of an underground sprinkler system
  • Water is applied at a very slow rate, directly to the plant root zone so the plant is better able to process and utilize the water, producing a healthier plant with fuller blooms
  • Reduces the susceptibility of fungal diseases for many types of plants by watering sub-surface
  • Fewer weeds emerge because the area between plants is not irrigated
  • Can be applied at any time of day or night without interfering with human activities, including during watering restrictions
  • Easily conforms to unique and odd-shaped planters

*Low Volume, Drip Irrigation from captured rainwater is by far the most efficient, low impact and water conserving way to irrigate.  We encourage you to learn more about all the benefits of Rainwater Harvesting and the big role it plays in our water conservation initiatives.