Once Upon a Rainy Saturday

Become Aware

A couple of weeks ago we were in Whistler on a rainy Saturday running some errands when we witnessed one our biggest pet peeves.  Right smack dab in the middle of the day, during a big rainfall, we witnessed sprinklers sprinkling away on a commercial, public property.  

Have you ever witnessed an event like this?  Did it bother you?

There are 2 BIG things wrong with this picture…

#1- Sprinklers, using treated municipal drinking water, active during a rainfall. This is an extreme water-wasting scenario, and yet so simple and inexpensive to avoid.  We strongly believe that automatic rain sensors, which prevent irrigation systems from activating when nature does the job, should be installed with every irrigation system.  

#2- Sprinklers running during the middle of the day. Midday factors such as wind and evaporation from the sun decrease the accuracy and efficiency of watering significantly.  Also, who wants to be sprayed by a sprinkler while walking down the sidewalk in the middle of a Saturday?  

Sometimes an event like this is due to poor programming or lack of proper knowledge or equipment, however sometimes it’s simply the result of a power outage that has thrown the timer off.

Take Simple Actions

If you witness either of these, or a combination of these 2 events as we did, here’s how you can help:

#1 - If it’s at a residence, kindly bring it to the attention of the homeowner.  If it occurs at a time when they are away from their home they are likely unaware of the issue and will appreciate being informed. If they are unsure of how to resolve the issue please have them give us a call.

#2 - If it’s on a commercial property, contact us and we will be sure to bring it to the attention of the appropriate person in charge.

#3 - If you don't have a rain sensor installed on your home system, consider having one added to avoid the above scenario of water wastage and unnecessary overwatering of your landscape.

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