2016 Social Venture Challenge

Become Aware

We are proud to be participating in Whistler's 2016 Social Venture Challenge with our Rainwater Harvesting initiative and extension to our business.  Along with 6 other entrepreneurs looking to have big social and/or environmental impact in the Sea-To-Sky, we will be pitching our business at this "Dragon's Den Style" community event on the evening of June 29.

Rainwater Harvesting is smart, innovative and necessary.  It is the practice of capturing, storing and beneficially utilizing rainwater at it's source, unlike the current system, where it is swiftly swept away into stormwater, at which time it is immediately deemed useless and wasted.

It is estimated that approximately one-third of Canada's treated water is used on our landscapes.

Capturing rainwater for irrigation, especially low volume Drip Irrigationis one of the most beneficial uses of stored rainwater and can help significantly reduce the impact on community drinking water sources.

May Accumulated Rainfall:
Squamish - 47mm
Whistler - 56mm
Pemberton - 32mm
West Vancouver - 80mm

Fact: Every 10mm rain on 200 sq. meter roof = 1600+ Litres of usable, non-potable water.

Take Simple Actions

Come check us and the other participants out!  This event is already over 50% sold out and is sure to sell out quickly so be sure to Get Your Tickets asap!

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