We're Glad You're Here

Welcome to our new and improved website, we are glad you’re here!  If you don’t already know our story and where we’ve come from to get to this chapter, please take a minute and check it out.

After 6 years in business in the Sea-To-Sky we have more clarity than ever on our purpose here in this corridor, and our vision for its future. We realize the strong influence we have with water and our mission is to help educate and promote water conserving practices and encourage sustainable thinking when it comes to our most precious resource. 

3 simple steps on how you can join us in doing your part:

#1 - Become Aware - Follow our blog
#2 - Take Simple Actions - We’ll share tips
#3 - Share what you learn - Share our blog

At TBI we are always learning and progressing and we believe there is a lot of power in initiating conversations that matter and sharing knowledge.

We encourage you to join in our conversations, ask questions, share your experiences and please invite others who care about this corridor to follow what we’re up to as well.  Knowledge is power and we look forward to working together, with all of you, in creating a ripple effect of water conscious thinking and smart water practices, to ensure a sustainable corridor for future generations.