Capture.  Store.  Beneficially Utilize.

For all of your non-drinking water needs.

  • Irrigation
  • Wash cars & bikes
  • Fill hot tubs & pools
  • Plumb in for toilets

Other Benefits

  • Minimize your community impact
  • Irrigate during municipal restrictions
  • Homeowner independence
  • Natural disaster preparedness i.e. earthquakes, wildfires

TBI Irrigation is excited to introduce rainwater harvesting to the Sea to Sky Corridor as part of our water conservation and sustainability initiative.  Rainwater harvesting is the practice of capturing, storing and beneficially utilizing rainwater at it's source, unlike the current system, where it is swiftly swept away into stormwater where it is deemed useless and wasted.  An increase in water demand due to growing tourism and population, coupled with the decrease in supply due to the depleting snow pack in our area over the past few years is reason enough to start thinking ahead. Capturing rainwater in the Sea to Sky Corridor, both residentially and commercially, plays a large role in the future sustainability of this area which continues to gain popularity, for both long term living and tourism.

Fact: Every 10mm rain on 200 sq. meter roof = 1600+ Litres of usable non-potable water.

Be part of the solution!

"About one-third of potable water is used on average for landscapes across Canada – a huge demand on a finite resource, and a waste of many investment dollars in infrastructure and treatment.  Rainwater harvested at source and used for landscape applications, could be a major factor in reducing costs for upgrading and extending municipal piping systems, and for utilizing non-treated rainwater where rainwater is perfectly suited."